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Just thirty minutes east of the Twin Cities, nestled in the Kinnickinnic River Valley, sits a little slice of paradise and you're invited. Whether you come to us for boarding, horse leasing, or for our help in finding your next horse, it's our pleasure to provide an environment where you, and your  horse, will thrive.  Escape the ordinary and experience what Kinni Valley has to offer.

- Carolyn Lowe, Owner

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  • River Falls
  • Western Performance
  • Western Performance
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      Favorite quotes


If training has not made a horse more beautiful, nobler in carriage, more attentive in his behavior, revealing pleasure in his own accomplishment...then he has not truly been schooled in dressage." - Col. Handler




If given a little thought, a little understanding, and a little common sense, the horse gives back in full measure." – Ray Hunt





A horse gallops with his lung, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character" - Tesio



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