Horse Boarding

Horse boarding with intention.

At Kinni Valley, we know the joy of horse ownership and the transformational effect caring for a horse can have. We’ve taken great care to create an environment for you, and your horse, that is comfortable, peaceful, and (most importantly) promotes happiness. Horse boarding at Kinni Valley offers the following:


  • 20 Large comfortable stalls (10’x12’ or 12’x14’) in the heated barn
  • 18 Large stalls (10’x12’) in the unheated barn
  • Full sized heated indoor arena (70’x200’)
  • 70 acres of pasture featuring new 4-Strand Hotcote Fencing 
  • Full sized outdoor arena (80’x200’)
  • Knowledgeable, reliable staff
  • Individual or group turnout
  • Automatic waterers in each stall and all turnout paddocks
  • Heated wash rack
  • Client tack room
  • Miles of beautiful trails located along the scenic Kinnickinnic River

Feeding and care

As horse owners ourselves, we know that you want to be certain your horse is well cared for while you’re away. At Kinni Valley, our philosophy is to respect each horse’s individuality, temperament, and needs. Here, professional horsemen care for your horse in a peaceful and well-kept environment. Horses at Kinni Valley are famous for their longevity. We like to think it’s our regimen of tailored care, excellent feeding and great people. When you board at Kinni Valley, you’ll get:

Top-quality feed
We use the highest quality grass/alfalfa mix forage and store it in our barns to maintain its quality all year. Grain rations are individually formulated, giving us the ability to keep close track of each horse with a customized feeding program designed for its nutritional needs.

Outdoor time
At Kinni Valley, we believe a horse’s place is outdoors, where they can move freely as nature intended. For this reason, we have given much thought to the development and care of our outdoor forage. We benefit from our lovely location on the Kinnickinnic River where our lush pastures are nourished year-round by the incredible nutritive value of the spring feed fresh water stream. During the warm months, horses are turned out on pasture when not being worked with allowing them to enjoy the cool and peaceful evenings in the valley.  During the winter months the box stall horses are outside during the days and inside at night during inclement weather allowing each horse to be housed safely and comfortably in his or her stall. (For horses with special medical considerations or those needing to be kept in Show condition, we can honor specific requests.)

Pasture placement
To assist with herd happiness, we give careful consideration to each horse’s pasture placement. With over 70 acres of pasture, and our herd management policies, your horse will experience the peace of our valley.

When you board at Kinni Valley, you gain access to a suite of services that will enhance your experience and enrich horse ownership. As a Kinni Valley boarder, you have access to our world class facility and acres of beautiful pastures located in the Kinnickinnic River Valley. Even more, with our boarding facilities resting on miles of beautiful trails, riding doesn’t have to be a solitary or arena only experience. You'll love meeting new boarding friends as you enjoy trail rides together through our scenic property.

It’s our pleasure to provide the environment in which you, and your horse, will thrive. We look forward to working together.

Want to learn more about horse boarding at Kinni Valley?

Please come and visit us. To set up an appointment, call 715.426.1321. Boarding is available in our heated barn, unheated barn or pasture. Contact us for pricing.